My new book “Oh, My Body! The Undiscovered Miracle of Our Lives” is now available!

Luz Delia Gerber Oh My Body Book


My name is Luz Delia Gerber. Luz means “light” in Spanish.
It says in the Bible, “Let there be light.”

I believe that by accessing the light within — by acknowledging and actualizing your own life — you give yourself the power to heal your mind, your heart, your body, and your life.

Therefore, my lessons are about light. Your life is about light, too.

I believe that when you awaken your body and your inner voice moment by moment to the light within, you will also awaken to a message within you. A message you have rarely—if ever—experienced before.

That message is the message of light.

When that awakening takes place within you—when your light begins to radiate within you, noticed by all — your Well-Being is completely in your hands.

Astoundingly enough, so is your entire life completely in your hands, including the one you are destined to live.

Allow me to INSPIRE you how to regain that mastery over your life.

Allow me to INSPIRE you how to bring passion to everything you do. 

Allow me to INSPIRE you what you have been missing.

Allow me to inspire you NOW.

Allow me to introduce you to your light!

It’s an experience unlike any other.

It’s a sight unexplainable until you see it.

It will put the sizzle into your soul.

It will put your heart and your body right in it.

What people are saying about Luz Delia Gerber:

Luz Delia Gerber Oh, My Body!
From Luz Delia Gerber comes a miraculous adventure, a journey more exotic, exciting and exhilarating than any other in your life, so you can first begin to understand your body on a different level, to take care of it, and give birth to a healthier, more vibrant life:  rejuvenate
Your Well-Being NOW with my new book “Oh, My Body!”

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“One of its kind. Devour it!”

Gregory R. Gumberich, DC
NUCCA Upper Cervical Doctor

“Luz Delia is a Shining Light Star! Her message is to be heeded for YOUR Personal Healing and Transformation!”

Brian Clement, PhD, NMD, LN
Hippocrates Health Institute

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